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No matter how rich Thailand is in terms of culture, she is equally well equipped to cater to modern tastes and urban needs. There are many hotels in the country that are truly luxurious, sowing seeds of desire among people booking flights tickets to the nation!Thailand is home to some of the planet’s most remarkable cities. The country’s entourage of fantastic sightseeing and spectacular beaches has managed to propel the Fareast country in the upper echelon of holiday destinations.

This is evident from the fact that literary giants like Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad have stayed in this hotel

Thailand also has some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. The variety in the country’s landscape lends a pictorial distinctiveness to the hotels as well. So while you have a flourishing beach resort in Chiang Mai, there’s also the one that festoons the riverside of Chao Phraya in Bangkok. Find out which properties are usually the ones that encourage loaded leisure vacationers to get tickets for Thailand bound flights.Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang MaiNot many can escape the mighty lure of Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai. More than just a resort, the place is almost a sightseeing spectacle that appeals to all and sundry, even if it is desire to take just a glance! A miniature Thai kingdom, the place has more than 100 suites and villas. There is also a Buddhist prayer site and an arts-and-crafts village. It sure is a privilege to be able to spend few days amidst the serene and sublime beauty of Mandarin Oriental.

This is evident from the fact that literary giants like Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad have stayed in this hotel

For foreigners who are investing on air tickets and overall Thai holidays to take in the wonderful culture of Thailand’s, it is not a bad idea to opt for classic dance session or learn to prepare Thai food, both of which are being offered at the hotel.Mandarin Oriental, BangkokA visit to the place is almost a sine qua non of any visit to Thailand. Almost 400 rooms await tourists who wish a residence here during their holidays in Bangkok. Stunning views of Chao Phraya River is the highlight of panoramic vistas from floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms. Then there are is the long list of restaurants, out of which China House has perhaps the most loyal patronage, which is ready to treat foodies who are still annoyed with the dull food served to them on flights here! There is also a garden pool, a spa and whole lot more for guests. Mandarin Oriental is surely popular.

The variety in the country’s landscape lends a pictorial distinctiveness to the hotels as well

This is evident from the fact that literary giants like Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad have stayed in this hotel.The Peninsula BangkokPerhaps the most citified luxury hotel in Thailand, The Peninsula is an address that can only be afforded by the rich, the likes who travel by premium class on flights and are accustomed to only the best! And The Peninsula is sure amongst the best Thailand has to offer to its guests. The estate has more than 350 rooms, with each one of them flaunting wonderful interiors, underscored by marble bathrooms and silk-covered furniture. Holiday makers will also be able find the tickets to a whole new heaven as they walk into the recently-revamped hotel’s spa that’s huge and incredible, to put it succinctly. Those who wish to arrive in style to this modish property, there are short helicopter flights available from the country’s major airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, which handles flights from almost each major city of the world.Four Seasons Resort, Chiang MaiAs far as the scenic beauty of the place goes, there would be very few competitors of the beautiful Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai. Leisure travellers who have heard about the country’s natural beauty from friends and relatives and have been basically cajoled to book tickets on flights to Chiang Mai only to discover its natural spectacles must plan a stay in this one. It lies just outside the city and looks over the flowing emerald rice paddies, bringing a sense of calm every time one looks over this green stretch from their poolside villas. Four Seasons is located around 25kms from the Chiang Mai International Airport, which is the major gateway to North Thailand, handling hundreds of flights every day.JW Marriott Phuket Resort Spa, PhuketPhuket’s JW Marriott has been the traditional favourite with the big-spenders coming to explore the island’s glittering charms. A perfect honeymoon pad, the hotel is located on the secluded Mai Khao Beach, providing both beauty and privacy to honeymooners. Strangely, this property is popular even among children. Perhaps the sighting of leatherback sea turtles in the winter season has something to do with it! JW Marriott Phuket has multiple eateries that have been recently renovated, promising a much better dining experience to guests and residents. In spite of its much loved seclusion, the property is not very far from the city airport. People can book tickets on Phuket bound flights and reach JW Marriott from the airport within minutes.

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