Business Owners Listen Up – Social Networking is About “Compound Friending”

As the Debt Free Business Coach, I am always recommending that business owners use social networking or social media as a way to grow their business and develop their expertise. Social networking is about “Compound Friending”.Compound Friending occurs when you post a status update to your social networking site.

Again, this is the beauty of Compound FriendingTM

If you are my friend then I will see the update. If another of your friend’s replies or comments to your update then I will see that person and their comment too. I then have the opportunity to click on their name and learn more about that person depending upon his or her privacy settings. I can also friend that person. If I want to post a note directly to your page, I can do that so that all your friends now see my message to you. This again is creating exposure to a new audience of people. If you have 500 friends and I post a public message to you on your page now 500 new people get to see who I am; Compound Friending.Compound Friending can also occur when someone shares your status update. This can be in the form of an article link or video. When I post a link on my page and if I have 500 friends that gives 500 people the opportunity to share my link with their lists/friends.

If you are my friend then I will see the update

Again, this is the beauty of Compound FriendingTM.As a business owner, you will use social networking to promote your business and display your expertise. The articles and videos you post help you gain exposure to a new group of friends through Compound Friending.Last night I had the opportunity to attend a Chamber Business After Hours.

I can also friend that person

A woman noticed my name badge with my logo on it. She immediately commented, “Are you the Dream Catcher all my friends on Facebook are following?” She had recognized my logo through the power of Compound Friending. She further commented that she had been reading the posts on my Fan Page.If you are not using social networking as a way to promote your business and your expertise through the use of Compound Friending I have to ask you “What are you waiting for?”, jump on the bandwagon and begin taking advantage of the beauty of Compound Friending.

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